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Things to put in a waffle maker: Cinnamon rolls

I got a waffle maker a few weeks back and it’s given me an opportunity to be creative. Instead of using plain ol’ waffle mix, I’ve use rice, cauliflower mix, mashed bananas and eggs, and coconut waffle mix from Trader Joe’s.

I thought using cinnamon rolls would be interesting. I bought a roll of pre-made cinnamon roll mix and placed a roll on each quadrant of the waffle maker. I pressed for about 8-10 minutes on medium-high heat and got these results.20170429_095958

You can somewhat pull these apart like a regular cinnamon roll. I love how it’s flaky on the outside and soft and goey on the inside.


I used Trader Joe’s brand cinnamon rolls. Instead of syrup, I used the icing that came with the cylinder.

Anything you recommend to put in a waffle maker? Comment below! I would love to experiment!

15 thoughts on “Things to put in a waffle maker: Cinnamon rolls”

    1. Yes and I have to say, may be a little cleaner than a regular cinammon roll. With a waffle piece, I can carry it around.


    1. Well…it’s even easier if you buy the premade cylinders. My mom makes cinnamon rolls from scratch. It takes a lot of time.


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