Hike 3/52 Tujunga Wash to the Great Wall of Los Angeles

Date: January 24th

Neighborhood: Van Nuys/North Hollywood/Valley Glen

Difficulty: 1

Weather: Sunny with intermittent clouds

Miles: 4.5 miles (out and back)

Trailhead: 13440 Sherman Way (approximately). You’ll see the entrance gates to the wash. For more details go to All Trails.


I love urban hikes. For me, there’s something about urban hikes that makes things magical — like an instant oasis from the busy neighborhood bringing some sort of respite to clear your mind and that disbelief asking yourself “am I in LA?” or “am I in the Valley?” Since starting 52 Hike Challenge, that has been my reaction: am I in LA? The answer is “Yes”; About all my hikes are in the Greater Los Angeles area. I’ve lived in LA all my life and through these hikes, it has brought me a different set of lenses I have not found in LA before.

For this hike, I walked along the Tujunga wash from Van Nuys and kept going until I found the Great Wall of Los Angeles. It’s one of the longest mural in the world illustrating the history of Los Angeles.

As of today, I have been on 21 hikes. A large bulk of it credits to the City Slicker Challenge which I’ll go over more in a future post. In the beginning of April, I told myself to not hike as aggressively. There has been some weeks I’ve hiked 2 or even 3 times. In March, I hiked 10 times at different places. I wanted to dedicate a majority of my April to do some housework, start some home projects, resume my creative projects, journal, reflect — but unexpectedly, April was my busiest month at work. I was on the edge of burning out. It was a reminder that I needed my time to breathe and pursue those said hobbies.






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