Fryman Canyon

Hike 10/52 Fryman Canyon

Date: March 5th

Neighborhood: Studio City

Distance: 3 mile loop

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Weather: Sunny, cool

Trailhead address: 3431 Fryman Rd, Studio City, CA 91604

Fryman Canyon

View of the Valley — it must be beautfiul during dusk!

The City Slicker Challenge is starting to bring a more competitive side in me I haven’t found in a while. After the 626 Golden Streets bike ride, I thought I should go for a short hike nearby my place before going home. Besides, my dogs didn’t even get to go out of their carriage during the bike ride. They needed to exercise too. Also it was a beautiful day to go for a hike. The air was crisp and felt fresh from the rain.

Also weirdly, the sun came out when we left the 626 Golden Streets. Half our time during the 626 Golden Streets, it rained really hard.

Fryman Canyon

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