Oregon Zoo otter

Oregon Zoo

After the Memorial Day ceremony at Willamette National Cemetary, we went to the other side of Portland to the zoo. Veterans get free admission that day. It’s a fairly small zoo (compared to San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park) — but it’s beautiful and full of lovely greenery.

Below are some of my favorite snaps of the zoo:

Otter is on the left and the seal is on the right.


4001 Southwest Canyon Road
Portland, OR 97221

Special Announcement and off-topic: I finished my FAFSA for grad school. When I attended the open house for the Masters Program last month, they suggested to finish the FAFSA before applying to the program. The idea was a little weird because when I was doing undergrad, I filled out a FAFSA after I got accepted to a university reporting. Maybe the school process is a little difference since this is a program is geared towards working professionals(?) who will continue to work during the academic year. Anyways to me, this is a big step. Before vacation, I was on the edge of burning out. What prevented me from really burning out was putting certain things aside such as doing my grad school stuff or instead of cooking dinner, I order food

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5 thoughts on “Oregon Zoo”

    1. Hello, Rose,

      Yes its a federal aid application to help pay for school. It’s strange though because I need to apply and get accepted to the program.

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      1. I think it’s also the way admissions is set up. Usually when applying for undergrad you’d submit at the end of November and hear your acceptances in March. This program is rolling admissions so I guess it’s to make sure it can get paid.

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      2. It’s the same over here in the UK, but it’s more so if you have a seasonal research project that can only be carried out at certain times of the year. But I think that will still be true haha.


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