Week 2: Little known travel tips

On this week’s Travel Blogging Challenge, I’ll be sharing a few travel tips I have come up with on my own based on my own experiences so here is what I’ve learned so far.

Tip 1. When packing, roll up your clothes. It takes up less space

Tip 2. On on the days when I am flying, I dress lightly for airport security. The term “dressing lightly” can mean different things to different people.

For me, my definition of dressing lightly is wearig things like workout clothes or lounge wear — especially if it’s an overnight flight. I want to be comfortable and sleep during these long flights.

I also dress “lightly” even if I am going somewhere on a one-day work trip. I want to keep my attire simple and avoid changing when I arrive. I always think slacks, blouse, and flats (or maybe a little a heel). Depending on the weather, I wear either a cardigan or a sports coat.

Tip 3. It is preferable get to the airport earlier when you can.

I hate coming the airport frazzled. I’m getting older, I’m not as nimble as I use to be. I want to enjoy that time to find some food (Peet’s Tea and Coffee is my go-to) and read a good book to rewind.

Tip 4. When planning for your trip, write your wishlist. It helps you plan better — especially when you are planning trips to countries because “the tickets were cheap.”

For examples, last year we went to Costa Rica because Southwest was having a sale and they were starting to do international flights. I was having that itch to go somewhere out of the U.S. so I bought tickets to fly to Costa Rica. At the time of planning I never really looked into Costa Rica but I heard nothing but good things from friends who went. So based on my “research” of asking around and going through Lonely Planet 1000 Ultimate Experiences, I decided activities like ziplining and going to the cloud forest needed to be on the itinerary.4xM8IpYECON8tuNmYserGHuX8pPsIbJ2tS-sv6zMOhMeJxFPc

Monteverde Cloud Forest


Costa Rica, 2015 

Tip 5. I think this is applicable to city centers but when exploring the take public transit, go by foot — it forces you to be closer to the ground. It makes you explore things you otherwise won’t see when driving around in a car.

What are your own travel tips?

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28 thoughts on “Week 2: Little known travel tips”

  1. I love tip 2 and tip 5. I usually wear just slippers and go belt-less, bc they will require you to take shoes and belt off. I love taking the metro and buses!! Great tips. Looking forward to your next post!

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