I’m a Smushie in the Smushed Peach Universe!

I’ve been following Emily Mislak from The Smushed Peach before she even opened up her Etsy shop — even before she created her Facebook page for her store. She posted a few drawings on a Facebook group on what would soon be called “Smushies” for her store. I thought these drawings were the cutest little things!

What are “Smushies”? These characters in the Smushed Peach universe. If you explore her Etsy store, the characters come in different skin tones and hair styles (see below).


Here’s my modest sticker collection. Other set of stickers are books because I like track my reading. What I do like about this brand are that the characters are portrayed to do relatable things. From top to bottom I have: coffee Smushie, wine Smushie, computer Smushie, and my frequently used “I hate Mondays” Smushie. These were what I bought when the store first opened.

The Smushie are portrayed in other relatable moments such as payday, followed by the inevitable paying bills Smushie. Then there’s cleaning and gardening Smushie — which I do during a large part of the weekend. And of course, I’ve been eye-balling reading Smushie. It’s a fun way to decorate your planner or your bullet journal.

Julie Smushie

…and this is me as a Smushie. Emily can also make you as a Smushie too! I sent her some photos of myself, and sent her some details such as what kind of clothes would I wear and other attributes. Though I live in LA, I love fall wear. Then again, my birthday is in September. Also, I do wear a little pendant and I always carry a cup of coffee.

Also since I am holding coffee, photo may make a recurring appearance in the Weekend Coffee Share.

Maybe in the future, you may see a Smushie version of my dogs and my husband so we are a Smushie family :-).

julie drawing

And…this is a pencil sketch of me…still really cute!

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