July Goals, June Reflections

New York City Highline

Highline Park, New York City, July 2012

June Goals in review:

1. Complete 250 barre classescompleted

2. Instead of driving to short distance places, walk or bike there – completed

I have gone car free at least 40 miles per week. I am still tallying my car-free miles for the month June whether it was by foot, bicycle, or bus. I can keep this up, going car-free for a minimum of 40 miles per week is definitely sustainable.

3. Complete a craft project – incomplete

I have a couple of craft projects that are on standby, but month by month I had a lot of things on my plate. I have a macrame project I started back in in January, but need to pick up again. Since our housemate is moving out this it means more freedom to decorate around the house…plus spend more time at home doing DIY instead of going to the mall and go shopping.

4. Get a new mattresscompleted

5. Finish my FAFSA and graduate school application – completed

6. Hike 4 times this month 

I hiked 3 times — that was better than I expected. I biked around Portland, did a repeat of the Porter Ranch Trails, and I biked through the Tujunga Wash to get to North Hollywood.  I hope through this 52 Hike Challenge, it can help me build that habit to spend more time outdoors. I hope from there, I can bike more often to get around my town.

7. Complete Phase II of the Pergola project – Get rid of the concrete buried in the yard — Completed

My top Posts for June:


New York City Library, July 2012

July goals:

  1. Complete Phase III of the Pergola project — move and reuse the concrete to provide drainage to our pavers. Redoing these pavers have been a long standing project my husband has been doing since we’ve gotten the house. It’s extremely labor instensive and taught me the importance of how getting the right tools make a huge difference not just in your efficiency, but also in your morale to do such a labor intensive DIY project. At the time, I avoided it because of the high chances of injuring myself with minimal tools and I didn’t find that efficient.
  2. Complete a craft project
  3. Organize my “Current Reads” page – When I am not blogging, exercising, working on the yard, or doing a DIY project, I read. I take a book everywhere I go. I’ve been meaning to organize this page and you may find yourself a series on books I’ve read.
  4. Work on the guest room – Our housemate is moving out on Saturday. My husband and I decided we will not take tenants and we will make the spare room a guest room.

My personal goals for this month are thin, but I’ve got plenty of work goals. But let’s not get there. I set goals at work every week, every day. In my planner, I journal all my “wins” and things that make me feel good and they’re all related to work. In my planner, you’ll find a disproportionate amount of goals related to work and it would deserve it’s own long blog post.


New York City, July 2012

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