los angeles skyline

Pause: May I take picture?

My “ooh, shiny!” moment happened this week at work. I was giving a new intern an orientation, showing her around one of our work sites. We opened this door and found this view.

I’ve been working for my current job for more than 4 years. I’ve been to this site many times, climbed 4 stories of stairs of that building to host events, but I never discovered this side of campus because I never opened that door to that rooftop patio.

It’s funny how I’ve been with my employer for more than 4 years and it’s amazing how each week, I can still find something new and exciting. I can still find positivity and joy no matter how high and heavy my (work)load can be.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shiny

Check out some of these submissions for their interpretation for “Shiny”:

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5 thoughts on “Pause: May I take picture?”

    1. It was nice. I was in the middle giving an orientation to the intern and when I found the view, I pretty much said “hold up, I need to take a phot of this skyline.” She laughed and took photos herself too. Quite a nice distraction.

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