Donut Man Strawberry donut

Weekly Coffee Share: Last one before I turn 30

If we were having coffee, it would be at home and I’d serve these life-changing donuts. On Friday, my coworker took me and few coworkers to this donut place called Donut man. I’m not a fan of glazed donuts, but these are different not too sweet.

Donut Man Strawberry donut

Last week, I saw Miss Sloane — I love Jessica Chastain. It was like watching a modern-day Greek tragedy of a hard-working woman doing what it takes to succeed as a D.C. lobbyist even if she makes unethical work decisions. Miss Sloans works 24/7, forgoes friendships to get ahead, and takes drugs to stay awake. I can see spectrums of Miss Sloane in a lot of people including myself. For me, I get over-involved, I am determined to do it well and do things right. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who push me but I always ask myself, “How far do I need to lean in?” Instead of asking me, maybe I should ask them “how far.” Until I fall over?

For grad school, they needed 3 letters of recommendation from my colleagues, so I could not start this semester. I may not have gotten into grad school (right now), but I found out I was going to be a co-author for a study I was working on for the past year. My partner submitted it and it’s on its way to be published in a journal. It’s a huge honor to get an authorship, but a little part of me felt a little sick.

For every achievement I’ve hit in my life, I get a “congrats” immediately followed by “what’s next?” and pushing me to go for bigger, greater. Again, I repeat, I am blessed by people who cheer me on, but what if I am fatigued? What if I want to run at a comfortable pace and enjoy process? Or what if I want to take a break and enjoy sitting still?

For the past year, I’ve been preaching to people that I’ve got other goals not related to my work. Why does it have to be? I urge people to be more well-rounded and pursue things in life that bring you joy.

This is my weekend before I turn 30. In the last few months I came to realize I am workaholic and I’ve recovering and fighting to avoid relapse. I decided to dedicate this new decade to pursue things in my life that bring me meaning. I also want to listen to my body. Almost a year ago, I inflamed both my wrists from typing a lot. It was not quite carpal tunnel but I did get a ergonomics check. About 2 weeks ago, I got carpal tunnel on my right wrist. I did not want to do another ergonomics check because let’s face it: I don’t want a modified keyboard and expect me to work at my former pace. Instead, why can’t I listen to my body telling me, “you can step away from the keyboard and computer screen.”

What’s up for this week?

This week is going to be busy work-wise and it’s going to be short. Monday, I am driving to San Diego, but I am hoping I can finish the day and go home at a reasonable time. Tuesday, is a full day and I am throwing my coworker a farewell happy hour because it is her last day. Wednesday, I hope I can start a little later because I am hosting a networking event later that day. Thursday looks promising and open. And finally, Friday, is my day off. It’s the start of my long weekend and we’re going to Sequoia!

Sequoia Kings Canyon

I hope this week, I can squeeze in time for a professional massage. I am embarrassed I just discovered the benefits! My husband gave me a massage yesterday because I told him I felt like my body was breaking down. He’s not a professional masseuse, but I felt the difference. I felt more alert and my mind is not so foggy.

Julie Weekend Coffee Share

Credit: The Smushed Peach

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Share: Last one before I turn 30”

  1. Sometimes even our former ideas of success change and I believe this is worthwhile to contemplate and embrace. Hope you continue to take time off from the rat-race to breathe, to enjoy the moment, to pause and reflect.

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  2. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the liebster awards. Feel free to check it out whenever you can!


  3. It sounds like you got a lot on, and don’t stress too much. Congrats on becoming a co-author on the paper you worked on, and hope it gets published soon. I remember I was so excited when I had my first academic paper published after working on it with a team for one and a half years 🙂

    Happy Birthday and have a good weekend 🙂


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