Week 12: Hey, You!

Week 12: Happy and sad travel stories

Travel Tuesday is back! I just came back from a 3-day camping trip in Sequoia. Today I am taking an extra day off to clean and get back into the swing of things before tomorrow’s business trip to San Diego.

I initially wanted to share both a happy and sad story, but for this prompt, I’ll stick to the sad story because it’s more of a call to action. I would hate to have my happy story to eclipse this serious issue.

One time I was at a hotel bar in Sihaunookville, Cambodia ordering a coffee. I paid, I received change and walked back to the car with my travelmates. When we were about to leave, the girl who took my order said I never paid. I told her I only had a 20 in my wallet and received the correct change. I counted the change in front of her and she was still steaming and continued to say I still owe her a dollar. A couple of her coworkers joined her and said, “we were at the bar too and we did not see you pay. We have video.” Maybe she was embarrassed I declined to give her another dollar and her coworkers came to her in sodality, because come on, American tourist, “it’s just a dollar. It’s nothing to you.” The hotel owner came to the rescue and apologize for the misunderstanding. The chances are she was most likely trying to hustle me for a dollar, not because she forgot. Maybe she thought I had more bills in my wallet.


Sihaunookville, 2012

Through every town I’ve gone through in Cambodia, I would see kids congregate around a beach towel on the street looking for the next person to ask for a dollar or to buy something. Some of the can become aggressive and heckle when you say “no”. During my trip, I did not give in to giving a single dollar to a begging kid because I was warned far in advanced and repeatedly to not give in. At Sihaunookville, I almost gave in because I tend to be a sucker. This girl was smart, she caught me in the right time to shame me in front of my travelmates.


Sihanoukville, 2012

These kids should be in school! It’s sad to learn their parents are not supportive of their schooling. Cambodia is an impoverish country with a lack of assets, domestic product, democracy, access to finance, and investment in education.  Education in Cambodia is not compulsory as it is here in the U.S.. The parents in Cambodia see their kid’s education as a financial burden because they need to purchase school supplies,  uniforms, and other school fees. With this being said…

My call to action is to support kids and their families in Cambodia. Please check out these organizations below:

  1.  Volunteer Development Children’s Association (VDCA): An NGO based in Siem Riep operating the Free School offering children free English classes, computer classes, hygiene, and other courses.
  2. UNICEF: Donate to UNICEF to support children and their families such providing clean water, better healthcare, and technology.

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Who else is doing the challenge?

Interested in participating in the Weekly Travel Blogging Challenge? Feel free to make your own today!

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12 thoughts on “Week 12: Hey, You!”

  1. Very though provoking. We sometimes forget those who are less fortunate than us. Thanks for your lovely story! So jealous you got to go to Sequoia! We were going to go last year but it was snowing too hard for my poor Toyota Camry to drive through. :l

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