Hamilton: The Revolution

This Saturday, we’re going to see “Hamilton”. In honor of that, I’m going share my thoughts on Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter. It’s part text version of the musical, part behind-the-scenes. Whether you’ve seen the show, listened to the soundtrack on repeat, or you did neither of the two — you are in for a real treat!


For me, I fit in the third category. I have not seen the show nor have I heard a single track from the musical, but I am aware of its ubiquity. I’ve been seeing headlines of “Hamilton” in the news. At the time since it was only playing in New York City, I never considered seeing the show because when will I make my way to the other side of the country? Also really, a rap-style musical about Alexander Hamilton — of all historical figures?

I can be a history nerd too. I was curious why people were obsessing over America’s first treasurer. After this book, “Wow.” Alexander Hamilton had an incredible life from an orphan boy living in the Caribbean to being the Founding Fathers who influenced and promoted the Constitution, the U.S. Treasury, the Coast Guard, the New York Post, and the Federalist Party. He is underrated because simplistically he was never President and he died fairly young. Next on my book list is Alexander Hamilton by Rob Chernow.

History is entirely created by the person who tells the story.

Hamilton: The Musical is a passion project for Lin-Manuel Miranda, who produced and starred in the original play. I certainly felt his passion through the book. The musical took him years of research, writing,  rewriting, composing songs, casting, pitching — he did it all. To support his efforts, the contribution of immigrants who make America great, and of course, Alexander Hamilton, I wanted to watch Hamilton: The MusicalI searched for Hamilton showings somewhere close by and just my luck, they’re currently showing at the Pantages. I purchased the tickets last month and I’ve been anxiously waiting to see the show since then. Can’t wait!

Recommendation: For anybody who likes musicals and enjoys reading behind-the-scenes.

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