Lisa in the Wild (Singapore)

Happy Motivation Monday everyone!

Meet Lisa from Lisa T Pink, a Singaporean-based lifestyle blog focusing on fashion, media, and beauty. When Lisa is not blogging, she works as an analyst as her full-time job. Outside of work and blogging, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Check out the interview below!

Lisa PinkWhat’s your 9-to-5?

I sit in front of a laptop, trying to resolve people’s issues and concerns over matters that probably isn’t issues to begin with which later turns out to be of someone’s issues. At where I work, I support people of importance (or they think they are) with little or almost none to do with blogging but I get to write quite a fair bit on daily basis, replying emails. I call my job, my bread supplier, one who supplies my daily bread (my pay essentially).

Favorites places in Singapore?
My top 3 places in Singapore have to be Sentosa Island, D’Kranji Farm, Botanic Gardens

What was your main drive behind your blog?

Ever since my 1st job as a sub-editor of a Travel Magazine, I have never look back since. My main drive is my passion, my passion for words, my passion to share and my passion to see eye to eye with my readers. Nothing can be more fulfilling and satisfying knowing that people who reads my blog relates to them in some way or another.

What topics does your blog cover?

I cover on Travel, Lifestyle and Fashion topics as that’s my niche even back in the editorial days. But lately, I am trying to share some of my beauty and food encounters too, very subtly introducing this to my readers.

Lisa Pink

For people who are visiting your blog for the first time, what posts and/or series should they read?

My top 3 picks in getting to know me would have to be:

Alternatively, if you are just wanting to get a feel of my writing style, then read up on the following:

What are your short/ long term goals?

Short term – To travel to places where my legs can bring me to before old age hits me.

Long term – My bucket list is too long but these are my top 3:

  1. See my kids grow up, finish school, graduate, get married, the whole life cycle of a normal human being I suppose. I hope they surprise me!!
  2. To live my life to the fullest and retire at the age of 55 with my loving husband. He would kill me if I thought otherwise. Haha
  3. Publish a book that represents me and hopefully will bring Joy and Laughter to people who knew me. A book they can relate to even when I am no longer around.

What are meaningful things/activities in your life?

Time well spent with my family members. Memories can only be remembered and not bought.

Lisa Pink

How do you start your day?

Typically with a cup of tetley next to my bed, made by my lovely husband of course.

What is your favorite way to end the day?

A goodnight kiss.

You got a free plane ticket to go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?

Iceland or Norway – To see the Northern lights.

Favorite author or book and why.
Dan Brown – his writing style is not only captivative but definitely not conform to the norm.

Most valuable advice you’ve received (can applicable to life, career, family, etc):

I don’t care where you work, it could be at Starbucks, at the Park or even at a fast food restaurant, so long as you work and get things done, that is what matters most. The Key to success is not where you work, but who you work for!

You can never leave your home without…

MR Samsung!!!

How do you find time to blog?

People are not defined by time, people dictates time! If you want to blog at 8pm, nothing can stop you from doing so but only yourself.

Lisa PinkCheck out Lisa’s blog, Lisa T. Pink and also follow her social medias:

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