Hike 35/52: Cave of Munits

Date: September 5th
Difficulty: 2 out of 5
Weather: Hot
Distance: 2.53 miles

Say what? A cave in LA? Yes there is a cave in LA and not too far from my house. It was my first time exploring the El Escorpion Park. It’s funny how you come from super suburbs to this vast park in a few steps.

Unfortunately I did not get to explore inside the cave. In this post you’ll just find the entryway. That day I was not ready to go inside because it requires a little bit of climbing. Because I went alone, I did not inside the cave. Remember, safety in a hike ALWAYS comes first.

cave of munits

First of all, I made mistake taking this path for most of the hike. I’m sure it goes further into the mountains.

cave of munits


That slot you see is the cave entrance. I was somewhat disappointed because it did not even look like a cave but I thought, I’ll still check it out anyways. I might be a tiny cave.


Here the cave entrance up close. This required a litle bit of climbing up. Because I went alone and had no spotter, I decided to end the hike and return to my car. I told myself “until next time.”

A few weeks later, I came back with my husband. Stay tuned for more pictures. It’s far more impressive.

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