Ascending to Mt. Lukens

This was from one of my hikes earlier this year. This is Mt. Lukens, the highest point in Los Angeles city limits.

Round trip, this was a 10 mile loop — if you followed the map. I did get lost and a 10 mile hike, became 14 miles.


This was the beggining stages of the hike. I can see the 210 freeway from where I was standing. This was already high for me, I could not imagine how much higher I would go.

Mt. Lukens Rim of the Valley Trail

Then…several miles later, we (me and my miniature schnauzer) reached to the top. That mountain across from me, I was there a few weeks back. Being on top of Mt. Lukens certainly dwarfs it. I hear on a clear day, you could see the west-side.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend

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