The Best of Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

I loved doing the Weekly Photo Challenge because it gives me an excuse to share photos deep from the vault aka my Dropbox files, Amazon Cloud Drive files, Facebook, Photobucket, etc. Looking through my photo vault, I have more than enough content to blog even though it is likely I’ll be doing less travelling, less excursions in 2018. Key word here is “likely”. I’m not saying I am dismissing all the things I love in life in 2018.

Also, what I love about the WPCs is connecting with the global blogger community.

The WPC Topic is “2017 Favorites”. I decided to do this in three different ways which to recognize the photo with the Most Views, Most Likes, and My Personal Favorite.

Here the Weekly Photo Challenge with the Most Views for the theme, Corner. (Furore, Italy)

Corner Amalfi Coast

WPC post with the Most Likes: Structure (Japan)


…and awarding my Personal Favorite: Texture (Ravello, Italy). I simply love the depth and composure of this photo. There’s a mix of different textures: the spikes of the chestnuts, the wood grain on the fence, the smooth leaf all standing out in their own ways.


Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites

Check out other bloggers and their 2017 Favorites!

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