Juice Stand

I was coming from the Bangkok airport taking the train to the city center to meet my college friend showing me around Bangkok. I remembered when I got off the train, I was greeted by this lovely juice stand — there were so many bright colors and it looked so fresh. The display was beautifully arranged. Also, it’s nice to see most of the juices cost less than 1 USD. In the U.S. these juices would run between 5 to 10 USD depending on the flavor and the brand. Take for examples, the more exotic flavors for the U.S., such as coconut. I’ve seen the price run as low as 3 USD to as high as 9 USD for coconut juice. It is interesting how carrot juice is the most expensive at more than 1 USD, I guess there’s not a lot of carrots growing in Bangkok.


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3 thoughts on “Juice Stand”

  1. That does look like so many juices. Interesting to note that carrot there was the most expensive. Maybe it is hard to get carrots over there. Maybe the carrots weren’t in season. also interesting to hear that there wasn’t coconut. I love coconut water!

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