Meet Teddy

For those who follow this blog, you may have seen Teddy, my miniature schnauzer, making a few cameos. Here’s a photo of his first day with us when he became ours. He use to live with a family who lived in a house about a few miles over who could not have him anymore. At the time, we were looking for a dog after a few months living in our new home. After looking around at the shelters and Craigslist, there he was.

I’ve never owned a dog before Teddy. I was a little skeptical to why they would not want to continue keeping him — was there something wrong with him? Maybe this family had to move and could no longer live in their current home and keep the dog. Anyways, Teddy is living a pretty comfortable life. He loves anything that feels like a pillow or comforter, he hates roughing in in a tent, enjoys eating his dog food with a little bit of green leafy vegetables, and play rough house with his Pomeranian brother, Koda. Teddy’s enemies are the vacuum cleaner, the polyester cleaner, pretty much anything that makes that vacuum noise.

I can’t imagine how my life would be without him.


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