#weeklendcoffeeshare: A rant on personal finances

If we were having coffee, I would pair our coffee with these matcha butter mochi cakes from Cooking with a Wallflower. These look so good!

Friday I was planning to go to Washington D.C. for a conference, but then something came up. I can’t talk too much about it yet on the blog. So instead of going to a conference, I instead spent my Friday off getting my dog’s hair cut, having lunch with my husband, got someone to work on the front yard, and made a few phone calls about home equity line of credit (HELOC). It was a productive day off. Instead of spending my money to go to a conference, I needed to spend the money to go towards cleaning up my front yard.

My husband is not too thrilled with the fact I prefer to pay someone to remove the overgrown weeds. But let’s be realistic here. I would do home improvement stuff every weekend if I could but that requires us to almost never leave the house each weekend. To get to our home improvement goals, we would need to turn down weekend excursions and hiking trips. When my father-in-law passed away, we had to come down to San Diego for seven weekends in a row for mourning. Plus when he passed away, we spent an entire week there to help with the end-of-life details. After the seven weeks of mourning, we went on our vacation to Peru. The vacation was planned for months. When we finally came back home the yard reverted from a bare canvas to weeds, weeds, weeds. It was turn off. I almost wanted to not go spend the President’s Day weekend in Tuscon so I could focus my weekends on cleaning up the yard.

People interact with money in weird ways. I recalled there was this meme where a person does not want to spend $2/month on an app to help manage their finances but they perfectly justify spending an expensive outfit, an expensive handbag, a car, technology, and the list goes on. People do not want to spend money on healthier, fresher food because it is too expensive, but justify spending money on procedures and medical care. I hate it when people spend shame me — it is absolutely infuriating. Through my years as a project manager, I always look into the ROI rather than the price tag. In the end, I ask myself two simple questions. One is if the gratification is long-term or short-term. The second question is if it brings me peace of mind.

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