Five Things Friday

#1 The Jungle Prince of Delhi

This series from The New York Times was so good and incredibly twisted that I don’t want to spoil one bit…unless you know the background. I listened to it during my much-needed Thanksgiving break.


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For years, when I told people I was tired, some peopled retorted, “tired? You don’t have kids!” As I have gotten older and still do not have kids, I have grown increasingly irritated by this pushback. People like me do not need to have kids to be tired. We have other occupations that tire us out, like our jobs, hobbies, social circles, home projects, self-improvement, etc.

This is somewhat off-topic, but people with kids don’t need to shop at Costco and other big box stores.

#3 – Homemade Pasta

My first attempt at homemade pasta: pressed by a rolling pin, cut by hand. Eventually, I’ll invest in a pasta maker.

Will I ever go back to store-bought pasta? Probably not. I’ve got all the ingredients I need. Plus, they make great gifts considering we are on a super tight budget this month and for the next few months.

Background: In the last few weeks, we remodeled our home, which is, obviously, incredibly expensive. We are still going through the process, but our “new” house is liveable!

#4 – Decluttering

Since moving back home after being away, I’ve been doing a lot of decluttering. I donated old clothes, unused craft products, and other accessories. I know a lot of people declutter just to make room for new stuff like my sister-in-law, who offered give us her old mattress, so she justifies buying a new mattress (spoiler alert: we declined her offer). I would prefer to have fewer better things. Since I started my job, I am required to come into work a little dressier. Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to buy newer, dressier clothes to build a wardrobe, so I rent pieces from Le Tote.
#5 – Scratch Map

Since settling in, I am making a wall dedicated to all our travels. One of those items on our wall is this scratch map where we scratch places where we’ve traveled.

Five Things Friday is a post where I share five things that either made my week, what I am thinking about, or would like to share with all of you!

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