Five Things Friday: A Good morning in a cup

Five Things Friday is a post where I share five things that either made my week, what I am thinking about, or would like to share with all of you!

The Good Place Season 4

I watched the entire season four of “The Good Place.” Without spoiling anything, I thought the ending was appropriate. 

Places Been — Travel Tracker App

I downloaded this app during my trip. It is surprisingly fun. I use it when I am in a tain, bus ride, or waiting for something. It is hard to keep track of where I’ve been since some places date far back to me being a toddler; I would need to ask my parents. So far, I’ve been to 15 countries and 200 cities.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

I finished my second book of the year and I realized it is Black History Month. I’ve never seen the movie or the play, but would love to. Without spoiling too much, it is about a young black girl living in rural Georgia is going through the worst of conditions. She is separated from her sister  who lives in another continent for many years. I kept turning the pages to see if things turn around for her…and guess what, they do. I knew it would turn around for her, but it felt like a slow burn.

 “1619” podcast from The New York Times

In continuing with the Black History month theme, I listened to the “1619” podcast last June. It is a miniseries of five episodes of how African Americans have shaped U.S. history and culture well before a popular date, 1776. It is incredibly profound. “1619” should be a requirement in high school U. S. History classes. 

Simple Joy

Fresh squeezed orange juice is my simple joy — it is a good morning in a cup. I got this orange juice from a neighborhood supermarche in France. You press the button and the machine cuts up the oranges and squeezes it. From there, fresh juice comes out the spout.

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