Things to do while I self-quarantine

We currently have 94 cases of coronavirus in Los Angeles County. This number is relatively small compared to King County, Washington at 488 cases and New York City at 463 cases. The United States currently has a total of 3,487 cases. If being called to action means staying at home sitting on the couch, we will do so to flatten the curve.

So effective yesterday, many Los Angeles businesses shut down. Bars are closed. Restaurants are take-out only. We can’t go out to the movies or go to gym. To me, out of all these things, not going to the gym is the hardest to let go. Not only I enjoy exercise, but the social interaction when I go to Pure Barre or walk my dogs around the park. I can do fine with just eating in for the next several days and not going to restaurants. I can spend evenings watching Netflix and Hulu instead of going to the movies.

What I also find hard is not going out to see my friends or family at their homes or invite them to mine. But we got to do what we have to do.

As of yesterday I only got out of the house to go grocery shopping, go to work, or walk my dogs — if the weather permits. The weather has been so awful the last several days. I think my dogs are starting to get bored.

To be honest, it has been a rough 48 hours of self-quarantine. A lot of my time involves planning for social events in the future, but those need to be put on hold. With this social distancing, I have to think of activities to help pass the time. So far I have the following:

  1. Follow workout videos. Gladly my gym will be uploading workout videos. I have to record a video of myself doing the exercise video and send it over to get it counted that I attended class. Since I spend a lot of time lounging and not reaching 10,000 steps, I do more workout videos through FitOn or Youtube. Yesterday, I did three. One was a 45-minute Pure Barre workout, 20 minute cardio exercise, and 15 minutes of yoga. It was spread all throughout the day.
  2. Clean and declutter
  3. Blogging. I am a forever journaler. I would not be surprised if I blogged everyday of this quarantine. It is a historical moment.
  4. Listen to podcast.
  5. Watch Netflix and other streaming services. I don’t think I’ll be the person who streams all days. I barely touch the app during the week and reserve it on the weekends.
  6. Read. If you’re bored, then go read a book. I am thankful for apps like Overdrive since the library is closed.
  7. If the weather is better, walk the dogs.
  8. Do our taxes. Ooops. Those things are due soon.
  9. Learn a foreign language.

I’m not 100% quarantined. I still go to work during the week — I work at a hospital after all. I know some people were forced to work from home. Some people may like the idea of working from home, but for me, I found it incredibly distracting when I had to work from home in my last job. I felt I ended up putting in more working hours at home than at the office.

How are you dealing with the self-quarantine or social distancing?

3 thoughts on “Things to do while I self-quarantine”

  1. Yes, our routines have been completely changed too. My 19yo son, in his first year of Uni, is doing all his learning online at home. As for me, I’m doing a lot of cleaning and walking the dog. Challenging times ahead for all of us. Take care and stay well Julie.

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    1. Yes Los Angeles schools from primary to university have all closed. Last week it was initially started they do four to six weeks of classes remote as school closed. But as of yesterday, one of the universities decided to close for the rest of the semester. I assume the other schools will follow as well.

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