COVID-19 diaries: Just genuinely curious

For the last few days I’ve been driving to work instead of taking mass transit. I have to admit, driving to work is awesome — especially since it only takes 20 minutes from my house in the Valley to downtown LA. I am thankful for everyone who followed these orders to

My husband and his coworkers wanted to go hiking today. I wonder if I they found a place they can actually hike. All parks and hiking trails are closed. Maybe it is at the back of someone’s apartment complex. Are they just walking up and down a neighborhood. They’ve been egging me to go along too. But I decided to do my part by staying in and enjoy my quarantine. Isn’t that weird to say? I’ve been out of the house nine hours for five days a week, I preferred staying in.

Then something occurred to me. I wonder how life is like staying in all day? It sounds out of touch of me to ask, but I am not trying to be facetious and ridiculing — I am genuinely curious. It’s been so busy at the hospital in the past several weeks preparing for the surge, handling donations, and continuing to do my regular duties, I really look forward to my Friday nights in well into Sunday.

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