Weekend Coffee Share: Wiped out by 5pm on a Saturday

Hello and grab some pastries! Don’t worry about the éclair. I did a rough cut with a knife since all these pastries were so big.

This French pastry is not too far from my place. The owners are from France — the chef there is of West African descent and his wife is Persian. There was a funny moment when I was getting pastries there and it went something like this:

Cashier: Bonjour
Me: Bonjour, I would like to have a pain aux amandes.
Cashier: Pain au chocolat?
Me: No, pain aux amandes.
Cashier: Chocolate croissant?
Me: Amandes means almonds in French. I would like an almond croissant.
Cashier: Oh we ran out of those. We just have chocolate croissants and plain croissants.

In the end, I got a tarte aux pommes (apple tart), tarte aux amandes (almond tart), and an éclair.

The first week of work went well though I’ve been very busy. Lana has adjusted to daycare really well and enjoys seeing the other children. I can’t wait until she starts running around and playing.

Yesterday, my friends and I did a virtual craft day. We went on Discord and spent the afternoon working on our creative projects. My friends are working on sewing projects, while I’ve been working on a scrapbook project of all our souvenir photos and planning for the upcoming credenza project which requires me to do some decluttering and furniture rearranging. Finally I did the measurements. I have not done any designing or explored any color schemes yet. I was wiped out by 5pm. It was a productive Saturday.

Weekend Coffee Share

12 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Wiped out by 5pm on a Saturday”

  1. Your pastry story made me remember a visit to Quebec that I took with a friend many years ago. We both knew a few words in French but not enough to even claim that we could speak a little French. For some reason we thought ordering subs would be a good idea. Now I think the young man behind the counter was playing with us a little bit. Regardless we ended up with some interesting things on our subs, haha.

    Great coffee post, thanks for sharing.

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    1. Discord is apparently popular with people who play video games that’s how I heard about it. When I finally got one, I was surprised to find out you can use it to learn a new language.


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