Five things Friday: Pizza night

1. Corn Cheese Pizza

My roommate many years ago was raving about this pizza when I planning for my first trip to the Bay Area (she went to Berkeley). It’s such a weird combo, but it tastes delicious. In fact, I plan to make this pizza for dinner tonight. This pandemic has made me nostalgic of past travels. I am glad the quickest way to relive these memories is through making (and eating) food.

2. Charles Perrault fairy tales

I won’t introduce Lana to the Disney version of fairytales right now. When I was younger, I was introduced to the Disney version of fairytales all throughout early childhood. It was not until I was in elementary school I learned there were different versions of the same fairytales and I found those far more interesting than the Disney version. In other versions there were real lessons you can internalize in such a short story like “sometimes nice people are really wolves in disguise.” In Disney stories, the lesson is you must find a prince and you live happy ever after.

3. COVID pods

Maybe I underestimated the fact that Lana does have a social circle through her daycare — something rare for a child nowadays. She sees them in person and observes them. She can’t crawl yet, but I am sure from watching the other older babies who can crawl, sit up, or stand she feels motivated so she can join them in some floor activities. In contrast, my nephews have strictly done virtual school and have not seen their friends and classmates in real life for a long time. There is video chat, but there is nothing like in-person interaction.

4. Rain…lots of it this week!

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5. If Lana gets a full night of sleep, she gets a sticker

Actually the stickers on my calendar are really for me to track if she is sleeping through the night. If she does not wake up between the times of midnight to 4 AM, a sticker is added on my calendar. It’s to track and look back how often she is sleeping through the night…and find an excuse to brighten my calendar with stickers. The trend lately is that she starts sleeping at 9PM. I don’t mind if she wakes up at 4:30 AM — it allows me to start my day when the world is quiet and after I feed and change her.

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