Five things Friday: S is for…

Another Five things Friday and Lens-Artist Crossover post. I just could not commit to one thing that starts with a the letter “S” so I decided to go up to five. If anything, I would have kept going on and on sharing subjects that start with the letter “S.”

  1. Sunny Days – I enjoy walks around the park. I enjoy looking for nature spaces even in urban areas like L.A.

2. Snow –

Los Angeles National Forest — about 50 minutes away from our house. My dog makes a cameo in this photo.
A snowy day in Iceland. This frozen lake becomes a park for all the locals to play.

3. Sushi – I tried this local sushi place near my house last Friday. It tastes great and the price is not too bad for all this sushi. I like how they serve the sushi in a pizza box, maybe that’s what keeps the price low.

4. Sequoias

Sequoia, 2012 – Went went backpacking many years ago one and made camp here.
Sequoia, 2012
Sequoia, 2017 – This is in another part of the Sequoias. I’d say the more “touristy” part of the Sequoias.

5. Sea views

Sihanoukville, Cambodia, 2012
Naples, Italy, 2015 — with a view of Vesuvius.
Paracas National Reserve, Peru 2019

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