Five things Friday: Want to feel better about yourself?

Five things Friday is a post where I share five things that either made my week, what I am thinking about, or would like to share with all of you!

1. Formula

Ugh…I am so over the whole “breast is best” mantra for how to feed your baby. The message really should be “fed is best.” My exclusive breastfeeding (actually it’s pumping) journey has come to an end. I’ve been supplementing Lana’s feed with formula because I can’t keep up with the daily demand. After some research, I found a formula that was the closest thing to breast milk. Plus there is no added sugar (i.e glucose, corn syrup). The only sugar you should only find in formula is lactose.

To be honest, breastfeeding overall was okay. If I couldn’t do it or if my body stopped producing milk after two weeks, I would have been fine. The opinions around breastfeeding are so wild. Before Lana was born people would ask me if I intended to breastfeed, and I said “yes” and I got replies like “good mama.” Are you implying those who decide to formula feed are bad moms and parents? I only really wanted to breastfeed because I did not feel like buying bottles at the time. When Lana was born and about eight weeks into exclusive breastfeeding, people would tell me “…maybe it is time to stop.” I did not understand why I should suddenly stop–why have a change of mind? If my body continues to provide, it will keep providing, otherwise it’s going to be painful and uncomfortable if I don’t pump. Thankfully my mom who was been incredibly supportive told me if I am still pumping a year in, that is fine. She did not preach and give me a longwinded reason to stop or keep going.

2. My mom

…Leading to my next point, thank you mom! Thank you for not making me feel othered. Motherhood can be worse than high school.

3. A new month

Work last month was crazy busy. Was it because there were fewer days and the work paced was compressed? I am just glad February is behind us.

4. Instagram likes removed…even if it was an accident

On Tuesday Instagram accidentally removed the likes feature for a few hours and a lot of people (influencers and wannabe influencers) FREAKED OUT. To be honest, I never noticed. I probably wasn’t on Instagram when it happened. Also much time does one spend on Instagram to have noticed it?

5. Under the Influence with Jo Piazza podcast

Want to feel better about yourself? Listen to this podcast! I learned all the juicy details about mom influencers and how they curate that perfect life on Instagram. This podcast is like the rock that shattered it. I get that one would use Instagram as a business, but please don’t fool people (and yourself) believing your life is white walls, designer bedsheets, and perfectly behaved children. I look forward to Thursdays because of this podcast. Spoiler alert: Influencers hire professional photographer for their posts. Sometimes they hire them for one day to create 30 days worth of content.

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