February Overview

If we were were having coffee, you’d notice that my husband and Lana are out for the morning. They’re going for a run along the beach. All I can say is “I am overwhelmed.” Not in a bad way though. It’s been ages since I’ve had the house to myself. I slept in and woke up at 7:30 AM and thought I’ll start off by making that milk bread recipe I’ve been meaning to do, write on my blog, finish folding laundry, change the bedsheets, spend 30 minutes decluttering the house, put together my tax stuff, etc.

We realized we need a more conscious effort in Lana bonding with my husband. Last Sunday, I stepped out to run some errands for an hour and Lana started crying. When I came home, she calmed down. We realized, just like the dogs, she prefers mom. I mean, I take her with me to work almost everyday for daycare. Also, I keep the stroller in my car so I do more walks with her. Yesterday when my husband got the day off, I had to remember to not take the car with the stroller and take the small car to work so he can take her out or take out the stroller if he wants to walk around the neighborhood. My husband works long hours at his regular job which has no daycare. In addition, he’s in the National Guard so he has to work one weekend per month plus the three weeks of annual training. Overall, he has significantly less time to spend with her. We have to look at each month when he can spend his days with her, and it’s not as much as we’d like. But I’ve learned that it’s not about the amount time spent, it’s the quality of time. Her version of quality time is simple, she appreciates the neighborhood walks and lunch outings.. She’s not demanding a trip to Disneyland.

In other news, my brother-in-law has a job. He started his training/orientation at his work yesterday. My husband gave him an ultimatum a few weeks back that since there was no progress over the last several months, he should move out in two weeks. Since then e actively looked for work and went to interviews, and finally he got a job. It may not be the job and/or salary he wanted, but now he’s productive. In the beginning, I told my husband “maybe he thinks our house is prison because we made him sit down in front of his computer looking for work.” I can’t believe it took a warning that we’d boot him out to get him to go, go, go.

Anyways, February overview. Let’s review my 21 in (20)21 list:


2. Start off my day reading the The Daily Stoic from January 1st to December 31st. 

I’ve missed a few days. I thought maybe it would better to read the following day the night before.

3. Do the #Read21in21 where I read for 21 minutes per day. This is still going :-).


8 Get a credenza for the living room.

I finally started shopping and looking around. I found it and placed an order. I scheduled it to be delivered in a couple of weeks since it is my free weekend.


12. Save six months worth of living expenses.

In progress

13. Create monthly meal plans.

Still going

14. Make our own baby food.

This happened. I made brown rice cereal and it’s a lot. I kept the rest in the freezer.


16. Get the COVID-19 vaccine.

I got both doses!

How did your February go?

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11 thoughts on “February Overview”

  1. Congrats, Julie, for getting both vaccine doses and many things done or in progress at home. I’m low on the vaccination priority list so it will be some time before my turn. Thank you for sharing your updates at #WeekendCoffeeShare.


    1. Thank you Natalie! I got the Pfizer vaccine. Only side effect I experienced was sore muscle for two days but I am glad to have gotten it!


  2. Hi Julie. I recall you writing about your BIL before and this is great news for him. I think we men, need to be productive or we begin to rot and lose our self respect. Here’s hoping he finds something he loves about the job.

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  3. I was a vocational rehabilitation counselor for the state for 18+ years. There’s an old saying in vocational counseling….
    “You’re more employable when you’re employed!” This means….just get a job because your desired
    job/field will take you more seriously if you’re already working. I’m sure this will be true for your BIL too.
    Have a great week 🪴💜🌺

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    1. I definitely agree, Dinah. I’ve had my fair share not-so-great jobs but it was enough to get me by. My husband and I were playing vocational counselor for months when my BIL moved in and it was frustrating because he was so picky. But it is true, the longer one waits for the work, the harder it is to become employable. Maybe he was scared that he would never find work because it’s been so long? I’m not too sure…

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