Natural Light

I don’t remember the last time I’ve used a filter on social media. Maybe when I first got my dog, Teddy? I thought, “why would I filter my dog? He’s great just the way he is.” That was about six years ago.. Since then I have not bothered with filters and presets and it’s been incredibly liberating.

Teddy does not require a filter.
Neither does Koda

Anyways, here are some photos with no filters. I enjoy playing with light when I use my camera whether it is an SLR or my phone. I like to let nature be the painter.

Hiking trail in Hollywood
Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest
Chau Doc, Vietnam
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Joshua Tree, California
Salton Sea, California
Lake Tahoe, California
A road trip from many years ago. Somewhere in the USA.
Downtown Los Angeles from my work place

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