Things are about to get slower (please?)

Yesterday I worked at the community COVID vaccine clinic. Yesterday we saw more than 1000 patients (final count is still to be determined). It felt relatively less busy than the times we had served near 2000 patients on a Saturday. Maybe we’ve become more streamlined after each iteration of the Saturday vaccine clinic we can handle large crowds. Maybe as more retailers like Walmart and CVS have offered to become a COVID vaccine clinic it lessened our load.

If there were less patients coming to the clinic, it does to necessarily mean it is a failure. It could mean that we are about getting to the point where we have vaccinated all the people who have been seeking the vaccine. To date, more than 200 million people who have received the vaccine and 103 million people who are fully vaccinated in the U.S. In LA County there are 4.5 million people who have received the vaccine and about 3 million who are fully vaccinated. It does not mean our work stops here, we also need to get vaccinate those who are below 15 years old. We need to motivate the people who are vaccine hesistant.

Oh yeah speaking of which, other factors are the Johnson and Johnson pause. That did no good with the public perception to get the vaccines.

Surprisingly, in our experience a lot of young people are less likely to get the vaccine. Though there is a trend in COVID among younger people, they diminish it as the “common cold” and it will just pass through.

Then there’s the spread of misinformation about the vaccine. I don’t want to list it here because I absolutely do not endorse it.

See, we have a lot of work to do.

Even though we did not see as many patients yesterday as we did the last few Saturday community clinics, I am EXHAUSTED. But I’ve been exhausted since the beginning of the pandemic. I am hoping the fruits of our labor will pay off. We are a few steps to reaching normalcy. Nowadays, I’ve been lounging in more coffee shops people watching. I can walk outside as a vaccinated person without a mask. Please don’t take it away from us.

Black coffee from Tierra Mia in Los Angeles. I primarily drink my coffee black. If I am feeling indulgent, then I’ll make it a latte or add some flavor.

Another Weekend Coffee Share post hosted by Natalie the Explorer!

4 thoughts on “Things are about to get slower (please?)”

  1. Things are bad here in Canada, especially the province that I’m living in. I work in the health care field too – I’m a contact tracer for COVID-19 these days and understand the whole burnout thing. I got switched into another administrative department and am being trained today. I liked the other department I was in, but cases are so bad that they need everyone on the frontlines now. Thankfully, it’s a work-from-home job, and I too am exhausted. 😴

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    1. Good luck on your new role! I am feeling burnt out and too be honest, I feel being pregnant, giving birth, and caring for a newborn throughout the pandemic compounded it. How is the vaccine distribution in Canada?

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      1. I’m 36 weeks pregnant and on a full-time work schedule for May and June, and I plan on going back to my nursing job in July! (So no breaks) I don’t qualify for mat leave so my husband is going to take paternity leave. Trying to juggle everything is hard ☹️ My biggest worry right now is going into labor when I have to work…..

        The vaccine distribution is terrible here in Canada. Ppl are lucky if they can get their first dose. But there’s no signs of a second dose for the majority of ppl unless they are frontline healthcare workers. I’m getting my first dose this Thursday. I haven’t had time get vaccinated up until now. I feel like herd immunity is much better in the US because people have access to vaccines, whereas we don’t. We are currently dealing with the variants which are completely out of control, and people are complacent which is only making the case counts worse. 😐

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      2. OH wow. Well here’s to a smooth final few weeks and labor. Why is vaccine distribution terrible in Canada? In the beginning vaccine distribution was frustrating because it was only for 65+ years or healthcare workers. Thankfully a lot of vaccine clinics I know of did not micromanage; if there was a leftover vaccine give to anybody regardless of eligibility so it does not go to waste.


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