Hello, Everyone! It’s a fairly warm weekend. Instead of coffee, I am feeling for some mango lassis.

Where to begin…

Tomorrow will be my first Mother’s Day. My husband and my dad are putting together a brunch lunch thing tomorrow at our house. My husband initially wanted to go out and dine and extend the invitation to my parents, but my parents still don’t want to dine in a restaurant.

Also, as promised I gave myself a Mother’s Day gift. That was my 21 in 2021 goal. I decided to give myself the gift of getting some help of getting my yard done. I hired these gardeners who don’t live too far from my house helping me get my yard into shape. I knew without help I would never get any garden projects done. They’ve done good work and I would like to continue hiring them. Plus, I get to keep my dollars local.

In the beginning of the week, I was extremely exhausted. I worked at the COVID clinic on Saturday. On Sunday, my husband and I met up with friends. On Sunday evening, I crashed well into Monday. Thankfully Monday was my day off. I felt so burnt out that I almost felt ill. I feel it’s a common things for me nowadays — I guess that’s what happens when you have a newborn, two dogs, a full-time job, mortgage, home projects, keep up with friends and family, goals, etc. “Maybe you should get more sleep.” I’m not quite sure if it needing more sleep is the answer to solving my burn out. Sleeping too much leaves me groggy.

I think for me, it’s having so much on my plate. I know I have the tendency to take too much on. One experiment I am doing is reviewing my planner and work bullet journal where I write no more than three things I need to accomplish per day. I write three tasks on my planner for personal stuff and three tasks on my work bullet journal for work-related and no more than that. I remembered this tip from a TEDx talk I attended in UCSD many years ago. I thought I’d give it a try for the next few weeks.

Starting Monday I am participating in the Bout of Books challenge. I know I can do all three reading sprints on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday at the times listed. The other days would be a little difficult since I’ll be working on getting my kid ready for daycare at 7AM. Though 1PM is my lunch break, my scheduled lunch time tends to be pushed back a little later in the day if I am occupied with something else. Maybe I could shift my 30-minute reading sprints. Instead of a 7AM and 1PM reading sprint, I could do a 30 minute sprint at 8AM listening to an audiobook on the way to work and a 6PM 30-minute sprint when I leave work. After dinner, I usually read a short story to Lana and before bed I read for about 20-30 minutes before falling asleep.

Mango Lassi at Southern Spices Cafe in Lawndale

14 thoughts on “Recharge”

    1. Thank you! Yes, the three things seem so simple. I think to myself “yes, I can conquer it.” Until I get interrupted throughout my day. It sets an intention for your day when all other things try to steer you away.

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  1. Hi Julie,
    Have we met? I’m Gary, one of the timers in the coffee share venue.
    I create, collect and share stories and do most weekend coffee shares. If you’ve heard of me at all, you might have heard of my DOT (Dime of Time) story collection where all my pieces are 10 minutes or less to read (2K word limit) and that collection has been pretty successful and fun to share.
    Lately I too have so much going on and am getting older so seem to have less energy that I can’t get through the weekend coffee share visits in the same weekend. With Natalie at the helm, we have so many new members that I struggle to get to even most of them.
    I think you should have added healthcare worker to your list of things that call for your attention each day. My daughter is one and she comes home exhausted most days.
    But by far, the coolest thing you have going has to be your new little one. I fondly recall our first (of 3 when the dust settled) and what a wonderful time it was. So much newness around us and watching up close as your baby turns into a toddler, a child, a teen a young adult. Talk about an epic adventure!
    I envy you the adventure you are just starting. We had such a wonderful ride (okay – most days).
    Great to meet you and hope to see you around our weekend get togethers.

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    1. Hello, Gary,
      Thank you for stopping by. Yes, we have met. You commented on one of my posts when I was venting about my brother-in-law just staying home, not being productive. Time has passed and I am happy to say he has a job. It may not be the job he wanted but it’s enough to pay the bills. He even started paying rent.
      Very cool that your daughter is also a healthcare worker. This past week was Hospital Worker Appreciation Week. I hope her hospital did something special for her this week.
      Thank you for sharing your memories of having a kid. I know a lot of parents tell me that they miss their kids being so little all the time. I enjoy my daughter being little, she’s incredibly curious and engaged with everything around her. But I’m also looking forward to the other parts of her life; when she is learning how to walk, read, problem solve, and eventually buy me dinner ;-).


      1. Hi Julie.
        Ah yes, now I recall.
        And I’m going to count your BIL update as good news. It’s progress in a healthy direction.
        My daughter loves her job even if covid has limited her from doing what she loves most. But the nonprofit organization is very good to her.
        And yea, there’s a lot to love about being a parent. Each age is its own adventure.
        Oh and last week our oldest & his wife made dinner for us. It was just the most amazing steak dinner ever, so you may have a dinner or two coming some day.
        Thanks for the visit.


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