“Eat around the world” — a new blog challenge

I’ve spent a good part of the pandemic watching YouTube videos. My favorite videos are ones that involve food. It could be a recipe video, a food journey in a particular destination, a food challenge, cooking techniques, restaurant review, etc. I enjoy watching them all!

I’ve been entertaining the idea of having people share how their part of the world would eat something…it could be a particular dish (pizza), feature a particular ingredient (tomatoes), or use a cooking tool (cast iron skillet, cheese grater). It combines my love for food and travel. You don’t have to be a home cook to participate. You can share a dish from a place you dine at too

I plan to kick off my first prompt on June 1st. I am thinking the theme could be wedding cakes around the world…or some treat one would eat at weddings. I chose a wedding theme because June is peak season for weddings. I am inviting everyone to participate all June long.

Anyways I thought it would be a fun idea. I can’t wait to kick it off on June 1st!

Also…any tips of hosting blogging challenges? Comment below!

10 thoughts on ““Eat around the world” — a new blog challenge”

  1. This sounds fun. We do what we call “Destination Kitchen” most Saturday nights – where we draw a country or a region from the bowl and cook that cuisine. It’s fun and makes you think.

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  2. This is a great idea! I like the thought of eating around the world from the comfort of my chair! As for challenges, I have been running challenges for a number of years through my blog. I can say that they take a bit of work to get up and running, but are worth it for the interesting people who begin to follow your blog. It is easier if you have a co-host, at least in my experience, who you get contributing bloggers to help you out. That way you build a regular visitor list. I have known other bloggers who started a challenge but it failed due to not getting the word out there. Disappointing for them, for sure. I wish you well for your challenge.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by. That is my observation from other challenges. I chose to do a food theme one because I do want to write more about food on my blog. It also gives me an excuse to make food. I use to be more creative with making food, but since my brother-in-law moved in, he’s been taking a lot fridge and pantry space. It’s so much stuff where my meals are around whatever is in the fridge so it does not go bad. Quite irritating really. Doing this challenge gives me a reason to rejuvenate my joy in making and eating food.

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      1. What a lovely way to re-inspire yourself with food, Julie. Although it sounds like you might need a secondary fridge! I participated in a recipe challenge some years back when the blogger offered up several recipes and each person could nominate to make and post about one of the recipes over the course of a month. It worked really well for the time that she was doing it.


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