Go Wild in Los Angeles

Yup, another hiking post. When I first started this blog, it was focused on hiking trails around Los Angeles. But knowing myself, this blog eventually became a place where I wanted to write about things I like aside from hiking. I just could not stick with a niche for too long Anyways, this is one of my favorite trails and it’s located in Encino which is less than 15 minutes from my home. For those not from the area, it’s right off the infamous 101 and 405 freeway.

Upper Canyonback Ridge Santa Monica Mountains Encinvo

I am standing on a trail enjoying the wild rolling green hills on one side.

Upper Canyonback Ridge Santa Monica Mountains Encinvo

Look the other way and you get a view of this polished golf course and some large homes. Plus there’s the 405 freeway, Brentwood, the Getty Center, and Bel Air.

Upper Canyonback Ridge Santa Monica Mountains Encinvo

Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #150: Let’s Get Wild (host: Dianne)

Here are some wild photos I came across the blogosphere:

  • jazziBeeblog – A lovely collection of Scottish wildlife!
  • Space Stories by Gift – A 110,000 year old lake in Hokkaido, Japan. It’s like their Lake Tahoe there.
  • Slow Shutter Speed – Experience the Totality Solar Eclipse without those special sunglasses.
  • scillagrace – A wonderful collection of American wilderness. It takes me back to my teen years when my family and I would roadtrip every summer.
  • Travels and Trifles – Features a lovely photo of Patagonia which is on my travel bucket list.
  • Travel with Me – Torres del Paine National Park — more of Patagonia.
  • TBL – A lovely floor of swamp marigolds found on the trail. They’re such lovely ground cover I’d consider getting some of my front yard.

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18 thoughts on “Go Wild in Los Angeles”

  1. Very beautiful scenery and it seems like a hidden gem. I have never been able to properly explore the USA, but I do want to one day. I really love hidden gems.

    P.S. Thank you very much again for the linking back.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello, Julie! I’m sorry for late reply. I’ve been very busy.

        I spent most of my times working at Walt Disney World because I participated in Disney International College Program. Other than that, I got to travel in LA (half-day trip during stopover) and in NYC-DC-Boston for only about a week. I want to have more time and be more prepared, especially when it comes to public transportation info. My previous trip was pretty rushed and full of mistakes, haha.

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      2. That’s ok. We got to enjoy life to share some content ;-). I know Disney has a lot of professional development programs for young people.

        Wow a half day in LA is very short because the neighborhoods are very sprawled out. I hope the train from LAX to Downtown LA would finally come to fruition.


      3. I remember taking the subway and bus last time, but that’s also why I could only see Hollywood and Santa Monica. It was quite a cloudy day too. I definitely need to see LA on a sunnier day and try the train when it finally opens. There’s so much more I want to see.


  2. What a lovely spot – so wild and yet so close to the city. Amazing! Love the wild vs tamed golf course perspective! Thanks more the mention Julie – Patagonia is magical!


  3. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. When I lived in L.A. area (San Fernando Valley) I was busy raising 3 boys. We only did hiking when we were on vacation. And, thanks for the mention about my blog.


    1. You’re welcome, Anne! So you only hiked locally on your days off? I actually live in the San Fernando Valley too. Right now it’s VERY hot. Today (6/14) will be 98 and tomorrow will be 108!! If I were to hike in the summer time, I would hike early as possible. The best months to hike would be between November to April.


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