Matcha cake with white chocolate cream (Eat around the World challenge)

I think I wanted to do an Eat Around the World blog challenge because I wanted an excuse to make foods I normally do not make. Take this matcha cake for example — or any cake in general. So far a lot of the foods I shared around the theme of celebration have been foods made by others like this wedding cake or this croissant. As someone who calls herself a home cook, I wanted to show something I made.

This past Sunday was Father’s Day and I wanted to take the opportunity to make a cake to celebrate my husband’s first Father’s Day. I normally don’t bake cake because it looks intimidating, it looks like it is a lot of work in terms of time or resources. But also I feel like if I have to make cake, it needs to be for a lot of people. I don’t think I would make a cake for just me and my husband.

This matcha cake is coated in what was suppose to be white chocolate whipped cream that turned into white chocolate buttercream. I whipped the heavy cream mixture for too long. I should have caught it when it started looking like stiff peaks. Anyways it’s all good. Maybe my mistake is an excuse to try again :-).

The recipe for the matcha sponge is from The whipped cream frosting is from Carve Your Cravings. It’s not as intimidating as I thought. The ingredients for the matcha sponge are ingredients I already had at home — yup, including the matcha powder. Instead of using a round tin, I used a bread loaf tin to bake the sponge. I made the sponge on Saturday night to let it cool into the following day. From there, I sliced the sponge in half and made the frosting. I chose white chocolate whipped cream because I did not have any cream cheese on hand.

Here is the final product:

Matcha cake with white chocolate frosting green tea
Matcha cake with white chocolate frosting green tea
Matcha cake with white chocolate frosting green tea

I saved the cake scraps because I did not want to waste food. Plus I learned there are recipes that use cake scraps; you can make cake pops, cake truffles, mix it into ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, cake in a jar, and a milkshake.

Things I would do differently the next time I make this cake:

  • put fresh strawberries or pistachios in the filling or on top
  • make them into cupcakes or donuts!
  • stopped whipping the cream when it gets to stiff peaks
  • cover the cake with whipped cream frosting with touch of maple syrup

“Eat around the World is a monthly writing/photography challenge where I invite people to share a dish around a theme, ingredient, or technique. June’s theme is “Wedding Cake…and other Celebratory Treats.” All themes are open to interpretation. Cooking skills are not required to participate.

10 thoughts on “Matcha cake with white chocolate cream (Eat around the World challenge)”

  1. Julie, you are adorable. I love this post about your experiment cooking. I’m not a great cook or baker, but I love to experiment, too. I love that you keep track of your learning on her. This blog will be such a valuable resource for your through the years. I have chosen this post to link to your name on the attendance roster for the Story Chat Summary this month. Thanks so much for commenting on Debbie’s story. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for stopping by, Marsha. I am trying to catch up on comments. But yes, experimenting is fun — it’s my way of being creative. I know my cake is not “Pinterest” picture worthy and I messed up on the frosting, but that is ok. Cake is normally not something I make as often as bread so my “mistakes” is an excuse to make it another time :-).


      1. I am just the opposite. I rarely make bread. Actually, I rarely make cake anymore because I’d just eat it all. But with a name like Julie, you should be a cook. Did you ever see the movie Julie and Julia? Cutest movie ever.


  2. Well done, Julie!
    I hear you – our celebration cakes tend to be bought from a store, too! But increasingly, we are trying to make our own as well.

    May I share my new favourite way to use up cake scraps? I blitz the leftovers in the food processor and then mix it with a quantity of butter, sugar & milk powder. Spread it flat on a tray and bake at a low temperature until it’s crunchy – and then we eat it with yogurt, ice cream, panna cotta, cupcake topping.

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    1. Of course you can share! I never worked with cake scraps because I never made a celebration cake. Your recipe reminds me of streusel topping. Matcha streusel? Love the idea!


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