Postcard pastime

Here is my postcard collection. This is only a fraction of it. I get postcards from friends when they go on their vacations and I return the favor. Plus, when I travel I sent postcards to myself. It’s my little souvenir.

I also do this thing called Postcrossing where I would send a postcard to someone in the world and I would get a postcard back. I did this in my early 20s when the thought of travelling somewhere was just a dream. At the time, I was working an entry level job so I was not making a lot of money — just enough to pay for rent, food, gas, student loans, some fun, other debts, and some savings. Receiving postcards kept my dream of travelling somewhere alive — a reason to go on vacation. I guess I did a lot Postcrossing in my early 20s because I felt like I was in a funk.

Occasionally I do Postcrossing. If I’m on vacation, I send a postcard to a few lucky Postcrossers around the world. I’m surprised at myself for not having done any Postcrossing at all during the pandemic or my maternity leave. It would have been an ideal time to receive loads of them since nobody is travelling. I’m sure my postcard would have brighten someone’s day in their part of the world. I have loads of postcards ready to travel!

I’m happy to say I am starting the hobby again. I can’t wait until Lana shows interest in learning how to write — this would be a great learning opportunity. Coming soon world…or in a while…wise words and doodles from Lana! Plus she gets to learn geography, culture, language, etc.

postcards from Postcrossing
Clockwise from left: Postcard from Russia, Netherlands, United States, Belarus. Center: Bulgaria


9 thoughts on “Postcard pastime”

  1. Sounds like a great thing to do you get to know the post crossers? Are they people you already know. What fun to look forward to the mail every day


    1. I don’t know the postcrossers personally. When I want to send a postcard on Postcrossing, gives me a profile. On their profile they write about themselves. When the recipient gets their postcard they register it on postcrossing and they write me back saying they receive my postcard. We’ll have engaging conversations for a while. Some have blogs too :-).


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