Who’s the sheeple now?

I received a notification a couple of weeks back for having this WordPress account for 12 years. I had this WordPress account when I was 21 years old. I was in my last quarter of university figuring out what was next. Side note: I’ve been blogging for far longer. I started blogging since I was 16 years old. I had a Xanga because everyone in high school had a Xanga. When I was 17, I decided to switch to Livejournal because I preferred the interface. At 16 and 17, I wrote about school projects, exams, books I read (which everyone else in my class has read), hanging out with friends, etc. I was very cautious to not slip writing about high school crushes ;-). Then from my first year of college to senior year, I had a Blogspot. I wrote about personal finance — out of all things. All of them I wrote very intermittently.

I started blogging on WordPress because it came from a point in my life where there was so much uncertainty. I had friends telling me that at this point I could do WHATEVER I want while they were stuck taking a fifth year at university. But I don’t know if they understood the reality of what I was walking into –did I make a mistake to NOT go straight to grad school? Should I have taken a fifth year — maybe pick up a minor. At the time I was graduating into a recession. Would I be able to get a full-time job after college? Would I be able to stay in LA? How am I going to prepare for graduate school in meantime? (Answer: 1. Yes, I did. I got an offer after graduation and started working two weeks later. 2. No, I moved to San Diego and stayed for three years. 3. I took a long time to return to graduate school.)

Why do I continue blogging to this day? Well, I find social media littered with trash. The other day I had an epiphany that 95% of the posts on my feed are NOT posts of original thought. It’s full of “copy and paste this if you believe…”, memes, news seemingly from an alternate universe, and other emotive content. There were times I almost expressed outrage, but then I stepped back because I would bring the provocation — that’s what they want from me right? I wonder…if I do see them again in the real world– would they memorize something verbatim they saw on a pretty graphic or did they genuinely come up with these thoughts themselves?

I continue blogging to this day because I feel original thought is dying. I remembered the days of social media before the “Share” button, people wrote how they felt and posted their own photos. I remembered the days if people couldn’t write how they feel, they would copy and paste a verse from a song or heck — the entire song!

Here’s to many more years of blogging!

10 thoughts on “Who’s the sheeple now?”

  1. Congratulations on keeping the passion going for writing & blogging! Yours are certainly inspirational reasons to keep at it! I, for one, am a recipient of your inspiration … I am tomato-focused these days because of your August food focus.

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    1. Thank you! Admittedly there have been many moments where I haven’t blogged in months but I always return to blogging. I’m glad you’re enjoying tomatoes this August! Next month I’ll be playing with apples!


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