Coffee and chocolate babka

If we were having coffee, we’d be pairing it with Trader Joe’s Chocolate Brooklyn Babka bread. It’s so indulgent.

It’s a hot weekend. I planted my olive tree in the front yard. Though it was sold an indoor plant, my yard is the ideal place for my olive tree. Olive trees do need a lot of sun. Since we like to close our curtains throughout the day over the summer, keeping the olive tree indoors may be incompatible. I may consider getting another olive tree — maybe keep it in its container — for the deck area. Or maybe get a bay leave tree instead.

Speaking of hot, stay tuned for more tomato dishes. This month’s tomatoes theme is coming to an end. I was planning to make some hot pasta or some curry at some point this month, but it’s been too hot to make either. I’ll table those another time. I learned few cold dishes that have become home cook staples.

Some of you may know I do this hobby called Postcrossing where I send a postcard to someone from anywhere in the world and I get a postcard back. It’s a fun hobby plus I have plenty of blank postcards and stationary waiting to go somewhere. Here are some postcards I’ve received over the past few days.

Reads of the week:

Books I am currently reading:

Books finished:

  • The Dry by Jane Harper – I borrowed this book many weeks ago from the library and when my e-book expired, I was back on the hold queue for SEVERAL weeks with only a few more pages to go. Anyways this week was my turn to borrow The Dry and I finished it this week. I enjoyed the book, I related to a lot of the main character’s frustrations of living a small town.

You can find more of my reads on my July and August #whatsyourstory post or check out my #Read21in21 page (which will be updated!).


6 thoughts on “Coffee and chocolate babka”

  1. It’s been hot here, too. I have a cobbler recipe that I want to bake but will wait until the weather is cooler. Postcrossing reminds me of my pen pal days. Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare.


  2. I don’t know many people who can say: “I planted an olive tree in the front yard”. That is wild! and wonderful! It is very tiny right now?

    Postcrossings sounds like so much fun. I sent you a PM in your Contacts …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it’s is very tiny right now. It’s sold as an indoor plant but to keep it indoors, you need a lot of sun. My place has A LOT of sun but we keep our curtains shut on very hot days so our house stays cool thus, not an ideal place to keep an olive tree indoors. So we instead decided plant in our front yard outdoors. We’ll see how it does *crosses fingers*.


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