Apples around the World

Oh dear…this theme might be a little challenging for this *points to self* home cook. The ingredient for September is apples!

There are so many kinds of apples. In fact 7,500 cultivars of apples. I recalled in my last job, I was naming these types of apples to a coworker (jazz, mountain rose, opal, macoun, winesap, jonathan, jonagold, etc.), he thought it was making it up. When it’s apple season, I try to buy and try as many cultivars as I can (as my grocery budget allows). Apples come in all types of colors (inside and outside), tastes, and texture.

I attempted an apple tart tartine. My biggest mistake was not eating the Fuji apple raw first to see how it would fare in the final product. Fuji apples held it shape well when baking, but it was missing the tart note. Maybe I should have not followed the tart tartine recipe to a T and maybe put less sugar to find my preferred tart-to-sweet ratio. Or maybe I should have used granny smith apples instead.

Even though I messed this tart tartine up, I tell myself this is why I blog about home cooking. I like to document my learnings.

Unlike last month’s Tomatoes theme, you’ll probably see a good mix of apple dishes from bakeries and restaurants. Plus, you’ll also find posts of apple cultivars I’ve come across. There’s just so many kind!

Do you have a favorite cultivar of apples? Comment below!

Upcoming EAW challenges: October’s theme will be Candy (this one will be fun because I love learning about all kinds of candy. November will be Feasts — dishes you would bring to a large gathering. I have not decided on December — maybe it could be cookies or dishes (or drinks) welcoming the holidays.

“Eat around the World is a monthly writing/photography challenge where I invite people to share a dish around a theme, ingredient, or technique. The theme for September is apples. All themes are open to interpretation. Cooking skills are not required to participate. You could post a photo of a dish you made or a dish you enjoyed at a restaurant or someone’s house as long as it pertains to the theme. To participate you could either share your post in the comment box, pingback to this post, or tag “Eat Around the World.” Deadline is September 30th.

9 thoughts on “Apples around the World”

  1. I have so many favorites – generally I will opt for Pink Lady, but when I can afford it, Honeycrisp is my top of the line favorite – especially to juice with cranberries. Where I live, we are surrounded by apple orchards, so by October I will have plenty of variety to choose from at the market to can applesauce. I think your tart looks good and probably tastes even better!! During the off season, I will get Fuji apples and those are my favorite to use for apple butter. My husband, the well known apple pie baker of the family, uses golden delicious in his pies.

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    1. I like Pink Lady and Honey Crisp too. Golden delicious is another favorite and they do well in pie making. I think the tart I made would have been better if I had more tart tasting apple like a golden delicious. Something that almost make my mouth pucker lol.

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