High sand dune, low lagoon

Huacachina, Peru is a pretty cool place to take photos, though it’s very touristy. I did not ride the sandbuggy nor sandboarding, my husband and I walked (or crawled) to to the top of the sand dune. We were stepping away from the tourist-heavy parts to admire these waves of sand.

Huacachina desert
Huacachina sand dune
Me walking up the sand dune

This is not a a zoomed in photo from the top of the sand dune– Huacachina is a lot further down than it looks. Once we got to the top, we slid ourselves down back to town.

I hate to say this, but Huacachina is not a dot in the middle of the desert. My friends and coworkers would ask me how a little oasis town could sustain itself and if the residents there go far to get their groceries. Well Huacachina actually very close to Ica, a populous city at 280,000+ residents at 2.5 miles (~4 km) apart. If my husband and I chose to, we could have either walked or rented bicycles to get to Ica from Huacachina or the otherway around. But that is if we were planning to extended our stay.

Huacachina town oasis

LENS-ARTISTS Photo Challenge #164 – Looking up/down

4 thoughts on “High sand dune, low lagoon”

  1. That’s an odd-looking place – it looks more like a large coastal resort than an oasis! I love your photos of the dunes but I’m not sure I want to visit the town, as much as I love desert landscapes.

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