Stray dog (PPAC #13)

The other morning, I got out of my car to go to work and I hear a RIIIP! I looked down and I saw a tear on the inner thigh of my workpants. I’ve had these work pants for many many many years. I was figuring out what I should do. Do I grab a sweater from the trunk and wrap it around my waist to hide the tear all day? I mean it was not a big tear…but then…I knew as the day progressed the tear would only get bigger. Hiding the tear with a sweater won’t do. Or do I call my supervisor and tell her what happened and call out for the day? Or do I call my supervisor to tell her what happened and let her know I was going to be running late so I could buy new pants at Target? By the way, my kid was still with me. I was also suppose to drop her off at daycare at my work but I decided she was going to join me on an adventure to get some new pants.

I told my supervisor and Lana’s daycare that I was going to be a couple of hours late. My supervisor was pushing me to take a day off because I told her since July I had no plans for any vacation for the rest of the year. I have very little paid time off; whatever is left is just enough for my kid’s upcoming doctor appointment and a cushion for unexpected things like sick days and moments when I experience a wardrobe malfunction. I also did not want to turn around to go home because my commute is pretty far. I hated the idea of driving forty minutes to work to just go home. Plus instead losing eight hours of PTO, I would lose no more than two hours of PTO if I were to go out and buy new pants.

Anyways what does this have to do with this week’s PPAC? Well, I went to the Target at downtown LA. After I parked and walked to Target, I noticed this interesting shaped plaque at the base of some office building…but first, I have to run inside to buy some pants.

After I got my pants, I walked back to the plaque to take a closer look. This plaque is suppose to be a stray dog. I’m not sure who made the plaque and who wrote what seems to be a poem.

stray dog plaque
Stray dog off Figueroa and 7th street in Los Angeles

The engraving says on the plaque says:

“The business of stray dogs is to trot in through rain,

Bark and roll on the grass. They follow smoke and leaves.

They sleep on flowers, which each morning spring back.”

What a morning!


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