September #whatsonyourbookshelfchallenge

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of September! Here is a recap of the books I’ve read over the past month!

Books finished

A Promised Land  by Barack Obama (in audiobook, from the library) – This book covered his early life into the end of his first term in office. It’s probably the longest audiobook I’ve ever listened to. I found his trajectory into becoming the President very interesting. He did not come from a political dynasty that groomed him for higher office. Just a man with a very optimistic and idealistic vision and it got him very far. Each time I listened to his audiobook, I felt hopeful after each session.

“Enthusiasm makes up for a host of deficiencies.”

A Promised Land  by Barack Obama

Educated by Tara Westover (audiobook from the library) – This book took me for a wild ride. I want to buy the book just so I could lend it out to people because it’s that good! I have to say towards the end it felt like it dragged because looking at the progress bar on the audiobook I kept thinking, “it ends now…no now…how about now?” I feel there was a purpose in the author dragging the ending. She was seeking for a happy ending where she could keep both worlds — one world where she can continue her life in academia and the other world where she has a positive relationship with her parents, siblings, and community. She tried everyway to salvage her relationship with her parents, but she in the end, it was best to let go and shed that old life.

“The most powerful determinant of who you are is inside you,” he said. “Professor Steinberg says this is Pygmalion. Think of the story, Tara.” He paused, his eyes fierce, his voice piercing. “She was just a cockney in a nice dress. Until she believed in herself. Then it didn’t matter what dress she wore.”

Educated by Tara Westover

Books I am currently reading:

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