Apples in salad

The last couple of weeks this month have been too hot for baking so I decided to explore some cold dishes using apples. The simplest way is to throw them in salad for that tart crunch.

Brussels sprouts with apples salad

This originally came from the Autumn Cooking with Blue Apron. I got this cookbook many years ago. The ingredients called for brussels sprouts, apples (I used Gala), feta cheese, almonds, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper. I did not have any almonds, but I had some cashews.

This salad was very hearty. But I felt with the brussels sprouts it would have been a more appropriate dish for the colder months. Maybe I would have preferred kale or something lighter like arugula for the base. So here’s the next iteration:

Arugula with apples salad

Here I am deviating from the original recipe. Instead of brussel sprouts, I used arugula as the base. Instead of lemon juice, I used apple cider vinegar. I had no lemons. I still had no almonds, so I used a mix of walnuts and cashews. The apples I had on-hand were Ambrosia and Honeycrisps. What hasn’t changed were the feta cheese, salt, and pepper.

“Eat around the World is a monthly writing/photography challenge where I invite people to share a dish around a theme, ingredient, or technique. The theme for September is apples. All themes are open to interpretation. Cooking skills are not required to participate. You could post a photo of a dish you made or a dish you enjoyed at a restaurant or someone’s house as long as it pertains to the theme. To participate you could either share your post in the comment box, pingback to this post, or tag “Eat Around the World.” Deadline is September 30th.

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