Apple cake with honey frosting and an oat walnut crumble

Happy Autumn! For the Apple theme for “Eat Around the World“, I made a cake! The occasion was me and my sister’s birthday. Of course it is very like me to make my own cake even if my friends and family have insisted they’ll get me a cake for my birthday.

I got this recipe from Fearless Fresh. My first thought was there’s fruit and oats — is it breakfast? I made a few modifications to this recipe:

  • I cut the recipe in half so I can make a two layer cake not four layers.
  • I did not have any buttermilk on hand. A trick I learned was to use milk with the same quantity the original recipe calls for plus a little bit of an acid like lemon or vinegar. For example if the recipe called for a 1/2 cup of buttermilk, I would do 1/2 cup of milk plus a 1/2 teaspoon of an acid. In this case I did apple cider vinegar which I always keep on hand.
  • I did not do a honey sour cream buttercream. It was one of the last things I did and I was too tired. Instead I did a whipped cream based frosting so there was no butter and no eggs. I used heavy whipping cream, sour cream, honey, and maple syrup.
  • I think the apple cider caramel syrup definitely made the cake. I made quite a bit of modifications. I had some hard cider I did not finish the night before so that was my base. I had no corn syrup. I did brown sugar and added molasses. I did not want it too sweet especially my incident with the tarte tartine earlier this month. I did not want to bother with a thermometer. I just watched it until it was reduced. In retrospect, boiled cider would have been a good alternative. Thank you for the idea, Ju-Lyn!

I loved making the granola toppings for cake. It’s so easy to make. I love how I can set aside some granola for a yogurt and fruit partition. Plus I get go save a few dollars.

Though not on the recipe, I thought to add some fresh apples. I had some Ambrosia and Honey Crisp apples to top it. I wanted people to know there were apples inside the sponge. You’re also welcome to top it with cinnamon and nutmeg :-).

The shot on what it looks like sliced. I have to say, it’s better than my first cake I made back in the Celebration theme.

“Eat around the World is a monthly writing/photography challenge where I invite people to share a dish around a theme, ingredient, or technique. The theme for September is apples. All themes are open to interpretation. Cooking skills are not required to participate. You could post a photo of a dish you made or a dish you enjoyed at a restaurant or someone’s house as long as it pertains to the theme. To participate you could either share your post in the comment box, pingback to this post, or tag “Eat Around the World.” Deadline is September 30th.

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