Little free library

I’m happy to say that my work has a Little Free Library to serve the community. My department launched a mobile LFL where everyday from 11:30am-1:30pm we would bring up the library cart for our patients, visitors, and staff members to enjoy free books. We are major hub for receiving donations in the community where clothes is the most requested — we have patients who come with no spare clothes when they’re discharged. But we’ve had books sitting in our office for a long, long time. They’re hardly requested so we decided to do an LFL. And yes, we definitely do take book donations. Of course they’re be disinfected before they circulate in the LFL. The books we have to replenish the most are the children’s books because people are always looking for new books for their kids (or niece, nephew, grandchild, godchild, etc.).

On the side of the book cart.

We finally cancelled our Amazon Prime account. I have not ordered from Amazon in a long time — I think it’s been two going on three years. My husband hasn’t bought anything from Amazon in a long while. One of the main reasons we ended our Prime membership was that we purchased a bike trainer stand to make our bike into a stationary bike. Like the Peloton there is an option for a monthly subscription to train and race in a variety of live virtual races. Rather than adding one more subscription to our monthly budget, we decide it was best to just cancel the subscription we use the least and that happens to be Amazon Prime. I stopped shopping on Amazon because I learned about the awful and exploitative work conditions of these warehouses. My husband shopped quite a bit on Amazon because he was doing officer training — a lot of it seemed hurried and last minute (“We need this–not that!”). It was incredibly frustrating because to me, the house was just full of stuff. Since he has completed officer candidate training and it seemed the shopping has settled down, he really does not have a reason to shop at Amazon. So bam! Cancel subscription! Side note: you would think the military would pay for your stuff, right?

Any subscriptions you’ve cancelled? Or what subscriptions do you currently have and enjoy? Comment below!

Books I am currently reading:

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Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia ā€“ Iā€™m reading this for book club. This was a creepy and disturbing book. I enjoy reading Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Last year I read her novella Prime Meridian and it was so good and almost so real and appropriate for the times we live in. I definitely want to read more of her work.


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    1. Xbox Live is where you play with your friends over video games right? I don’t have Apple TV and Disney. I thought about it, but I realized I don’t watch that much TV even at the height of the pandemic and when I was on maternity leave. I have Hulu and Netflix.

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