La Brea Tar Pits (PPAC #16)

One of my favorite buildings in Los Angeles is the La Brea Tar Pit Museum. We took Lana out to learn about ancient animals that roamed Los Angeles. I wish I took more photos of this building. This building reminds me of those “green roof” buildings because the museum is part of the mound you’ll find at the park. It really makes me wish I took more photos of the whole park. Maybe I have them in my other camera! But in the meantime, here’s an aerial view from Alamy Stock Photos.

This week’s PPAC features a frieze depicting Pleistocene animals. I never studied architecture or art history, so I just learned a frieze is a “broad horizontal band of sculpted or painted decoration, especially on a wall near the ceiling (” Think Greek architecture.

If we were not so tired from walking around the museum with Lana we would have made our way to the top to admire the frieze up close.

Since we’re in the area, we walked over to check out Levitated Mass. I featured it a few PPACs back.


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      1. We had rented a car, so travelled around a lot. We spent a lot of time in Santa Monica, stayed in Malibu for a month, visited the Peterson Motor Museum (nr the Tar Pits), Universal Studios, spent a lot of time exploring along the PCH.


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