These short work weeks feel accelerated

Where should I begin with this week’s Coffee Share?

This week at work has been a whirlwind. This week was Employee Appreciation Week. Everyday this week during lunch hour we had to set our department booth doing giveaways, outreach, etc. I’ve been on my feet all week at work. Though I had Monday off, these short work weeks feel accelerated. I know I need a vacation — even this vacation staying at home sleeping in and going to a local café for lunch.

I’ve been experimenting with a new way to budget through the envelope system. I’ve heard it’s a popular way to budget where you would put a set amount of cash each month in different envelopes representing spending categories such as groceries, entertainment, coffee, etc. The thing is, I don’t like to carry cash. Also the thought of carrying envelopes around seemed cumbersome. In comes the GoodBudget app where I create “envelopes” on the app and report how much I spend in each category. It has curbed my impulse coffee spending and the impulse buys I find at the grocery store or Target. How do you manage your finance?

Yesterday, one of our friend got let go from his job. Though I am sympathetic, as he is the provider for his family, part of me thought he got what he deserved because he chose to not get vaccinated against COVID-19. The irony of it all was his employer was this large famous laboratory. Also, I questioned it. Though his family and friends lament on Facebook “he’s a veteran who worked all his shifts,” I go “back up? He served in the military?” He had many vaccines most civilians don’t even get and he declined the COVID-19? There’s no exemptions for vaccines in the military. I had a volunteer at my work who tried that on me and argued back, “you served in the military and worked overseas — your case for an exemption is…well…BS.” The more I write and think about it, the less sympathetic I become.

Here’s a postcard. I’ve been so slow in sharing (and sending), but here’s one from someone in Louisiana. I love the blue and grey color scheme featuring this beautiful blue heron.

Postage side

Anyways, there is much more that has happened this week but I’ll just stop here. I’m feeling pretty burnt out.

Currently reading:

Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators by Ronan Farrow (e-book from the library)

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig


Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe by Voddie T. Baucham (for book club) – This book was garbage. I panned it about 30% of the way. I am ok with reading books with a different point of view, but I found the citations to Yahoo and Britannica articles incredibly distracting because I would stop and say, “really? Publishers let this happen?” None of my professors would have let it slide if I cited Yahoo articles in graduate school. In fact…I recalled a time in undergrad, I cited Wikipedia and I got dinged.


9 thoughts on “These short work weeks feel accelerated”

  1. Hi Julie,
    You bring up a difficult point. I’m not convinced that we need to legislate who does and does not get vaccinated. I’m very glad I was because when I got covid anyway, I clearly had a very easy ride with it and mostly slept through September.

    I work from home so am rarely out except to shop and then I’m masked up and steer clear of others, but I’m also old enough to qualify for the an earlier slot than most and I have a couple of medical things that put me at more risk – so I took the shots and got on with life.

    But my son who is much younger has no such risk factors and got out a bit more than I do, he and his wife think they may have caught it, but it was so mild for them anyway that it was no big deal for them either. We all know folks from across the age spectrum who got covid and suffered terribly with it so, clearly all of my and almost anyone else’s experience is anecdotal and only marginally helpful. Stats would help, but most of us don’t trust our governments to not creatively adjust them as needed, so where does one get dependable stats? I don’t know but do know it’s not from Facebook or other social media.

    So I think for now, I’m going to camp out on letting everyone make this call for themselves based on what they know / trust. I’m also independent enough that if I felt different about my own situation and my employer or government tried to force me to take the shot, I would resist just because neither has any standing to qualify them to advise me about medical questions. Some jobs might rightly have a different opinion, but not many. I am one of those who would allow a company to lay me off for not getting vaxxed.

    I trust people much more than large company HR departments or any government in this matter.

    I hope you have a great week queued up.


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    1. In my previous job, I worked in senior healthcare but my office was far away from any facility. Every year I skipped out on the flu shot because I just wasn’t motivated. The times when I had to go to visit a site, I would mask up during flu season. Now because I work at a hospital where I am work in the same building as the patients so I am more motivated to get the vaccine.

      Anyways I guess what baffles me the most was that he seemed fine getting all these vaccines when he served in the military, but decided not to get the flu shot. I’m not sure what changed.


  2. It sounds like quite a week you’ve had.
    I hear you, sometimes the more we think about a subject, the more we realise how strongly we feel about it ….
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful postcard from your collection!

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  3. For 29 years of our marriage we have done the envelope system, we followed a few popular teachers of the system and it has worked great for us. We also have different savings accounts for various things we are saving for.

    Love the heron as well.

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    1. That’s great to hear! It’s working well for me so far. I have resisted certain purchases. I told myself “next month, next month, next month.”


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