Fruit gummies, candied plantains and seeds

I think my tastes in candy have changed as I got older. I would prefer if the candy is not so sweet. I guess my preference is leaning toward candied nuts, chocolate, licorice, and some gummies. I also prefer dry fruit to a Snickers bar. Yes, some people may debate over this, but I think dried fruit is a candy too. I’ve seen tamarind and dates candi-fied.

But once in a while, I do fall into days where I eat Milky Way bars if I’m craving something sweet in the afternoon. But then I crash about an hour after eating that Milky way. Note to self: keep some dried fruit in my drawer.

Anyways here’s some candies I’ve been picking up this past month.

Trader Joe’s Gummy Penguins

In my last job, my office was across the street from Trader Joe’s. It was great because I get to go grocery shopping right after work and not worry about it on the weekends. The con was all the impulse shopping where I buy a bunch of candy and snacks. I kept a stash of candy and snacks in my work drawer when I really should not. It did not help that I work a job where I spend my hours sitting on a desk. If I was not sitting on my desk, I was spending hours in my car. Since I went through my snacks so slowly, my snacks filled the whole drawer. One of my favorite work snacks were these Penguin Gummy Tummies from Trader Joe’s. I find tbe fruit gushes in the penguin’s tummies quirky and fun! I always kept these gummy tummies in my drawer.

Trader Joe’s Apple Fruit Snacks (Mango Jalapeno flavor) and Dark Chocolate Drizzled Plantain Chips

The apple fruit snack is surprising spicy (darn you jalapeno!). It’s more than I can handle so I only eat a handful at a time. In reviewing the ingredients, I see that the main ingredient is applesauce and there’s no sugar added. I think next time I’ll buy the regular apple flavor because I would be willing to give this to my one year old so she won’t be screaming about the spice.

I love the dark chocolate plantain chips. Initially I was expecting something caramelized like turon. But this is a nice salty sweet.

Nutella B-Ready Bars

When we were in Italy, we ate these Nutella bars everyday. I’m glad I found a box of these B-Ready bars at an Italian Market and Deli in Burbank. Since they are twice the cost here, we are taking our time to savor these Nutella Bars. It’s nice to know we don’t need to go very far to get a taste of Italy.

Sesame seed candy

I got this candy from the same Italian market. I almost want to call it halva because that’s also made out of sesame seeds but it’s not. I love how this candy is simply sesame seeds, honey, and sugar drizzled with chocolate. I see there are other versions too where they add almonds which also sounds delicious.

Has your tastes in candies change? Do you think dried fruit is a candy :-p? Comment below!

Eat around the World“ is a monthly writing/photography challenge where I invite people to share a dish around a theme, ingredient, or technique. The theme for October is candy — it’s a virtual trick-or-treat! To participate you could either share your post in the comment box, pingback to this post, or tag “Eat Around the World.” Deadline is October 31st.

4 thoughts on “Fruit gummies, candied plantains and seeds”

    1. Well I grew up in the U.S. so every year as a child, my trick-or-treat bag was full of Snickers, Milky Ways, Reese’s pieces. I liked them as a kid, but now it’s a sugar bomb. I even think they all taste the same. At the time, I grew up eating candies my parents bought from their once a month trip at the Filipino Market. I loved the milky flavor of the white rabbit candy.


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