This will be the year we get a Christmas tree!

Update on the San Diego home hunt

Actually, make that Orange County. My SIL and her son are moving in with her boyfriend. MIL is moving there too. BIL #2 is moving in to our house which means he’s sharing a room with BIL #1. It is what it is. We live in a 3-bedroom, 2 bath house. My husband and I bought the house back in 2015. In this market we have no plans to buy a home with more rooms.

Also, we’re still sticking with having one modest-sized TV which is in the living room. We have no plans to buy a larger TV. And we are sticking with our modest-sized refrigerator. When BIL #1 first moved in a year ago, he had the nerve to ask me to buy a bigger fridge. I told him when we remodel the kitchen, then we’ll buy a new fridge. We’ll remodel the kitchen, but it will be a while.

A Christmas tree this year?

I will make this year to be the year we buy a Christmas tree for the house! As we are organizing and moving stuff around (and getting rid of stuff), I found the spot to put a Christmas tree. Every year for many years I kept telling myself to buy a Christmas Tree but I never got around to it. One reason was traveling between San Diego and LA frequently during this time of year. But also I felt like we did not have enough space for a Christmas tree. After some decluttering, it looks like I found an open space. Over the years, I’ve been buying ornaments here and there and now I can finally display them!

Hopefully, after Christmas, that spot won’t become a cluttered mess.

A spinoff blog for Lana

I made a spinoff blog called “Lana at the Library” where Lana goes to the library (and Little Free Libraries too) and we share her hauls. Also, I let her do all the selections — there’s no judgment, we just borrow (even if I don’t speak or read Chinese). I thought now since libraries are open for in-person browsing and now she is walking everywhere, this would be a fun weekly activity. When libraries were curbside pick-up only, I did all the book selecting. Since I did not know many children’s books, I had to do all the research and then I would reserve and wait until I could pick it up.

This week’s beverage: Iced strawberry milk tea sounds good. It’s been a warm week!

Currently reading:

Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators by Ronan Farrow (e-book from the library)

Watchmen by Alan Moore (borrowed from the library) – I’ve only seen the movie. But people who have read the graphic novel have raved it about for years.

Something Wild by Hanna Halperine (for bookclub) – An incredibly visceral book.


12 thoughts on “This will be the year we get a Christmas tree!”

    1. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. Well I’m planning to only get a smaller tree. That’s all I can handle right now but it does not matter because it is a tree.


    1. We shall see, Natalie. I am not planning for a large Christmas tree as we don’t have the space. But I have ornaments I’ve been collecting over the years.


  1. I hope you find a great tree. I think this might be our last year with a real tree and then we’re going artificial. I’ve been reluctant and I have to find one that looks “really real”. lol

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  2. We just got a new Christmas tree. We decorated our old one and auctioned it off for Kiwanis. You have a lot of people living in your house, Julie. I bet you are very busy. I hope you have a wonderful time for Christmas. I love San Diego. My dad lived there after he retired and I always wanted to move there.

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