Teepee Reading Nook (PPAC #22)

One of my favorite activities to do with my kid is going to the library. There are 72 library branches around the city of Los Angeles. Maybe we’ll visit all of the branches at some point but we shall see. In fact, we just launched a spin-off blog showing off Lana’s library hauls called Lana at the Library.

Recently they allowed in-person visits at the library which is something I missed throughout the pandemic. I missed browsing around. If it weren’t for the pandemic, I would have spent my maternity leave wandering around the library finding that next book. For the past year, I would reserve books online to pick up at my neighborhood library. After many days since I placed a reservation, I would get a notification the books were ready for pick-up. Then I would have to walk over to the neighborhood library to call and the librarian would come out with my reserved books. It was nice that I always got what I needed, but it took out the fun of browsing.

Then again, there were many people who had it much worse during the pandemic because the library was closed. People could not find a peaceful place to study and were stuck in a noisy apartment dealing with the family drama in the background. People who had no access to a printer to print slides and worksheets to learn effectively. People who lived in a hot area and do not have the luxury of an air conditioner (or a well-insulated house) were out of luck in the summertime.

Taking advantage of this recent lift, we decided to explore a larger library branch about a couple more miles away from our home. One perk about this branch is the free electric vehicle parking where I can charge my car. Another favorite thing I love about this branch is the reading teepee at the children’s section. I imagine they did group activities with the kids pre-COVID. It looks like a fun place. I can’t wait until things return to normal.

library teepee


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