Psst…Don’t tell them there are vegetables in this dish!

Happy Weekend Coffee Share! I made some nachos, but here’s the twist: the cheese is plant-based. Breaking down the cheese sauce ingredients it’s potatoes, butternut squash, onions, garlic, nutritional yeast, and other spices.

I mentioned earlier this month that I may not have time in December to play with cookie recipes, and here’s why: I’m trying to spend more time researching and experimenting with plant-forward entrees. And why? When the house is a little fuller and you have to support more people living with you, you need to get a little bit more creative with your grocery budget without increasing your budget. We (meaning my husband and I) can’t buy meat for four adults every day of every week. My husband and I laugh at ourselves that we’re getting “stress gut” and thought maybe we could do those plant-based meal subscriptions for our work lunches to squeeze in healthy food in our day. I told him “Before you do that, let me work on something.” We could increase our weekly grocery budget to feed four adults, a toddler, and the meal subscription plans for work but I won’t want to. Increasing our grocery budget means reducing our entertainment/dining out budget, miscellany, our weekly savings, etc.

I’ve been making seitan from “It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken.” I can’t believe how easy it is! The ingredients are just water and flour and whatever seasoning and broth of your making. With a little planning, I can cook it in broth on the slowcooker overnight. I’ve made “beef” and broccoli and “chicken” shwarma. The byproduct of seitan is starch and I’ve been making “bacon.” I use the wastewater from the settled starch water to water the plants. It’s been a fascinating experiment. I don’t think I need to tell anyone this is not real meat or real nacho cheese…

I don’t understand why plant-based eating has an expensive and exclusive reputation. At my work, we host monthly food pantries providing pantry staples for our patients and community members experiencing food insecurity. This would be an awesome opportunity to host a seitan-making workshop.

I don’t think we will be going vegetarian or vegan full-time. I would say we are adopting more of a flexitarian lifestyle where we eat vegetarian/vegan during the week and eat meat during a special occasion or on a Friday and Saturday.

Do you eat plant-based? Comment below!


One thought on “Psst…Don’t tell them there are vegetables in this dish!”

  1. Thank you Julie for your coffee share. There is one more link-up next week on Dec. 17 before a short break. I hope to see you again then. If not, happy holidays to you and your family! Weekend Coffee Share will return on January 7th.

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