Cookies over the past month

First of all, Happy New Year! Here are some cookies I tried over the past month. Maybe I should have posted as I go but I guess I wanted to do an overview and compare (?). I don’t recall the reason. I thought it was fun to order something I normally don’t go out of my way to order and try something new and in this case, it was cookies. Whenever I go to a cafe and bakery, I usually order a croissant or something savory. I don’t really pair my coffee with something sweet.

I tried a few chocolate chip cookies at other places. I think my favorite one is from Proof Bakery (far left) — it had dark chocolate chips with some sea salt. The middle photo is from Hudson’s Cookies where they’re known for their GIGANTIC soft cookies. The tiny browned butter chocolate chip cookie is from Whole Foods. I’m not sure if I could taste the browned butter.

I was disappointed I only made one batch of cookies at home. Usually, around this time, my whole house warms up because I make would make cookies all time. I guess lately I’ve been feeling quite drained. I attempted a vegan version of a chocolate chip cookie with the flaxseed egg. I’m surprised it came out really good.

Eat Around the World: Cookies

3 thoughts on “Cookies over the past month”

  1. We’ve had lots of Christmas cookies this month! One of our favourites from our kitchen is Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies, version 1.0. We are gearing up to try her version 2.0 – waiting on the cocoa nibs which we had to order from iHerb.

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    1. Ooh I had to look up World Peace Cookies 2.0! It looks decadent! I wish I made more cookies this past month it’s my favorite activity to do in December. Since it’s still cold, maybe I’ll keep making cookies. It would go well after salad — balance after all :-).


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